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Devento 3i is an IT resource integration solution provider, mainly engaged in information software customized services, bank risk control, information security control, financial crime detection, ERP planning and import maintenance, etc.; independent development of electric vehicle management monitoring platform, agriculture The blockchain trading platform quickly improves the competitiveness of customer design integration.


Our Services

We can provide customized services upon request

Electric car
renewable energy

Global renewable energy and electric vehicle partners, with more than 1,800 customers and more than 10,000 professional engineers who can be assigned to the project.

Database Services

Devento 3i works with major database solutions companies like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM.

Gov grade

info Security

Devento 3i partners services lots of national governments in the world for data security and improvement.



Ai can optimize work efficiency for most customers who are engaged in banking, investment, and network attack detection.



Providing core software products for customers

in banking, financial services and insurance.

Business Consulting

Provide resources in various industries to help customers develop their businesses.


“Devento 3i solves our software conflicts in a quick and professional way. I am satisfied.”

Xian Dan
CEO of ZhongTyo Co

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